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Our Services

We are not only operating our own network.

As RIPE member holding multiple certificates we are also offering LIR IP services like IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6) and AS numbers as well as personal consulting around RIPE & IP topics.


+ one-time 99 €

180 € /year

/24 IPv4

subject to availability

from 150 € /month

/48 IPv6 PI

1x /48

180 € /year

/48 IPv6 PA

1x /48

60 € /year

/44 IPv6 PA

16x /48

120 € /year

/40 IPv6 PA

256x /48

240 € /year

All prices are final prices. As small business according to §19 German UStG no VAT is billed.

Questions and Answers

Besides signing of the contract and an agreement between you (end-customer) and us (LIR) you must identify yourself as a natural or legal person (ripe-748).

According to RIPE policies (ripe-679) an own ASN can be requested if it will be used for BGP announcements to at least two providers. Furthermore you (or your company) must be located within RIPE service region or you must provide evidence for usage within RIPE region.

Provider-assigned (PA) addresses are sub-assigned by a LIR from his RIPE-allocated pool. Provider-independent (PI) addresses are assigned directly from RIPE to an end-customer, managed by a LIR. PI addresses can be transferred between LIRs and must be requested for each use case whereas PA subnets can be reserved future-proof and thus used more flexible.

You will be published as user of the IPs in RIPE database enabling you to announce them world-wide via BGP. This is usually done by your internet or datacenter provider. We can also offer you individual solutions suitable for your needs, for instance in combination with our virtual servers within our own network or via GRE tunnel to you. Of course even with our PA addresses you are not forced to use them solely with us.

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