Web/Mail Hosting

All-Inclusive for your websites and mails

For you it is web and mail space like you know it. In the background with powerful hardware, concerted software and sophisticated redundancy concepts we provide optimum availability and security for your data.

Common Protocols

With IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP (over TLS), IPv4 & IPv6 you have easy access to your data. An environment consisting of Apache, MySQL and PHP makes it straightforward to install typical web applications.

High Availability

Mirrored hard drives, distributed servers in multiple places, network infrastructure with connections to multiple internet exchange points and upstreams — as well as automated monitoring, load balancing and failover.

Optimum Security

Antispam and antivirus solutions, encrypted data storage and network connections as well as state of the art security concepts ensure a high level of data security.

Own Infrastructure

We operate not only our servers but also our network independently and mostly on owned hardware.

Individual Solutions

Setting turnkey solutions aside enables us to perfectly commit ourselves to your requirements.

Fair Pricing

Our prices are sustainably calculated.

A+ security

We are committed to deliver strong state of the art SSL/TLS data encryption.



SSL Labs







Best Practice

Best Practice

Verified by Qualys SSL Labs & ImmuniWeb.

Our Services

We are always happy to offer you a custom quote.

All prices are final prices per month. As small business according to §19 German UStG no VAT is billed.


  • Control Center
  • DNS Management
  • FTP Access
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Redundant Server


Monthly Volume

  • 0 €     10 GB
  • 3 €     50 GB
  • 5 €   100 GB
  • 8 €   200 GB

Web Space

Storage with FTP access

  • 1 €       50 MB
  • 2 €     250 MB
  • 4 €   1000 MB
  • 8 €   5000 MB

Mail Space

Incl. Webmail, Antispam, Antivirus

  • 1 €    1000 MB
  • 2 €    2000 MB
  • 4 €    4000 MB
  • 8 €    8000 MB


Additional Features

  • 1 €  PHP & MySQL
  • 1 €  10 Cronjobs
  • 1 €  HTTPS/TLS
  • 3 €  Dedicated IP

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